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Boost your Bottom Line. Salaries, health care and other benefits are enormous expenses for any business. Outsourcing with PrimeDesign allows your company to eliminate many of the costs associated with an in-house technical division. Outsourcing permits you to reinvest a greater percentage of your revenues back into your business. Less quantifiable but equally powerful, using an outside team lets you focus on products and service, rather than employee management.

PDC in Austin

PrimeDesign is in Austin, TX

Mechanical Design

AutoCAD drafting

process hazard analysis

Design and Drafting Services

PrimeDesign offers an alternative to in-house technical staff.Our diverse industrial and commercial experience includes mechanical drafting, design and detailing, facilities equipment documentation, upgrades and/or retrofits, and process piping.

We have extensive experience in assemblies, sub-assemblies, steel detailing, fabrication drawings, and machine drawings. Bring us your requests for part detailing, shop or manufacturing drawings 2D and Isometric piping and sheet metal design.

Our technical administration group can do websites, drawing conversions, spreadsheets, presentations, data analysis, word processing and internet research.

Services are available in our offices or on-site.  We offer password protected ftp sites or Dropbox for client drawings or plans. We can also host websites or provide additional offsite storage.

PrimeDesign Corporation Austin, TX


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